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Choosing and Navigating Attorney/Client Relationships

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At some point in your life, you may need to hire the services of an attorney. Especially if you’ve never met with one before, your first meeting with an attorney may intimidate you. Below is a brief guide on the attorney-client relationship and what you can expect. Your First Meeting Once you’ve set up your […]

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An Update to Family Law That Could Impact Your Divorce

In 2019, Spousal Maintenance is changing. SPOE is always up-to-date with the latest changes in the law that will impact our clients. This change is not an alarming one, but it may impact spousal maintenance if you are divorced and receiving spousal maintenance, are paying spousal maintenance, or are considering divorce where spousal maintenance may […]

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SPOE Lawyer Spotlight: Michael Patera

  The lawyers at Smith, Paulson, O’Donnell & Erickson use a team approach to help businesses, individuals, and families with their legal needs. Our team is made up of six attorneys with over 138 years of combined legal experience.   In this blog, we’d like to take the time to get to know one of […]

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How to Successfully Navigate a Divorce

January is known as “divorce month.” That’s because divorce filings typically begin to spike this time of year. Divorce is something no one wants to think about, but once you have decided it’s the right choice for you, Smith, Paulson, O’Donnell & Erickson can help you get through it. Here are a few things to […]

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SPOE Employee Spotlight: Carly West Holler

Smith, Paulson, O’Donnell & Erickson is a team of dedicated, experienced, and enthusiastic attorneys that serve Central Minnesota. Take a moment to get to know Carly, one of our legal professionals at SPOE.   Name: Carly West Holler Position at SPOE: Family law attorney Years at SPOE: 5 What is the main reason for wanting […]

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The Five Most Commonly Broken and Overlooked Laws

  The average American citizen tries to follow the rules and is as law-abiding as they come. If you ask that average citizen if they’ve ever broken any laws, they will probably laugh you off and say “of course not.”   Are they lying? Actually, many of them are. The problem is, they don’t realize […]

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Actions to Follow or Avoid After a Car Accident

If you have been unfortunate enough to have experienced an auto accident, then you may be familiar with the protocol that you have to take. There are certain do’s and do not’s that may help ease your stress and help you to efficiently recover from an auto accident. Take a look below at the do’s […]

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The Top Seven Reasons To Hire A Lawyer

In important cases that can determine the future of your personal records, business transitions, finances, and lifestyle, hiring the proper attorney can make a world of difference. While some instances might seem like you don’t need to hire a lawyer, there are times when you should really hire a professional who understands the ins and […]

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A Spring Message From Mr. T

  Spring gives us a chance to clean up our messes. Issues that we have been putting off all winter long. Were you in a car accident? Are you ready to move on from your current relationship? Have you been putting off writing your will? I pity the fool who doesn’t take care of their […]

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